About Us

OK, so we won’t bore you with our full life history before we became the Guildford Plasterers and we’re not going to  pretend we don’t like a beer or two after we finish work for the day…we think we deserve it after a hard days graft, but we do think you’ll want to know a little about the people you’re going to trust and let into your home.

The three most important things you should know about the two of us are:

  1. We’ll provide a high quality job at a fair and competitive price
  2. We’ll do whatever it takes to get the job finished on time and at the price quoted
  3. We’ll treat you and your home with respect and leave it clean and tidy when we finish

…and for those of you that want to know a bit more about us, here’s a little bit about us

Adrian Higgs

Ade has been plastering in Guildford and the surrounding areas for over 20 years and there isn’t much he hasn’t seen when it comes to ceilings, walls and floors that need a bit of care and attention before they have a coat of paint or a few rolls of wallpaper. He’s very much the ‘go to’ guy when it comes to the tricky jobs, curved ceilings, awkward shaped corners, you name it…Ade will always find a way to give it a smooth finish and make it look good.

Amongst his work mates they’ll all say ‘he’s the best plasterer in Guildford’, well apart from Simon obviously!! but you’ll struggle to find anybody that hasn’t got something good to say about the standard of Ade’s work….even the painters and decorators who usually spend their time moaning about the amount of filler they had to use on the last job because of the bad job the plaster did!

Simon Dewar

Simon’s also got over 20 years plastering experience and has been working with Ade providing Plastering Services in Guildford for more than 8 of those. It’s not hard to work out where he’s from, (hence his nickname) but having been in Guildford for a long time now, and like Ade, Simon is well respected amongst the local builders and tradesmen for the quality of the work he does.