Plaster Re-skimming

Often when it comes to redecorating your home you find the state of the one of the walls or the ceilings is far from ideal. Obviously you can pop down to the local DIY store and buy yourself large quantities of filler and then spend the time filling the cracks and holes and then rubbing the walls down to get them back to some reasonable state of repair. Sometimes this will be good enough, however, it often find it leaves a poor finish that is unlikely to give you the sort of surface that will look fantastic when you come to re-paint or re-paper them with the latest colour from Dulux!

If this sounds familiar then maybe it’d be better to invest in having the surface re-skimmed so that you give your walls and ceilings a great finish that will show off your paint or wall paper in the best possible way. After all, why spend a fortune on redecorating and buying new furniture if the foundations aren’t good to start with.